Read More Without Refresh


So you want to show more content but not affect users experience?

I got you covered!

My plugin hides the predefined text, through a shortcode and based on your choice, leaving the remaining one visible to the search engines.

Your readers will be also able to read more content by pressing the ‘Read More’ button, without having the page reloaded.

Once you press “Read more” button, it will expand.
They will also be able to hide it again by pressing the same button, which would have been converted to ‘Read less’.

It works via a shortcode and can be placed everywhere!

You can change its colors through its settings menu!

Simple usage: [read more] Your long text [/read]

Feel free to try its frontend demo here, to take a look at this YouTube videocast or to verify its Gutenberg compatibility.


  • Read More button Deactivated
  • Read More button Activated (after click)
  • Wp-admin settings page


All you have to do is upload the plugin within your WordPress Plugins menu and activate it.

Then, you can add the shortcode everywhere you want (pages, posts, widgets etc):

[read more] Your hidden text here [/read]

You can, of course, change “Read more” and “Read less” texts to your preferred one, along with other settings in ‘RMWF Settings’ wp-admin menu page.

In case that you have any support inquiries, feel free to contact me.


Is it complatible with every WordPress version?

Yes it is!

What about Gutenberg compatibility?

Yes it works!


ޑިސެމްބަރ 12, 2020
I tried two other plugins before installing this one and both failed. The first one left large white spaces and it was not possible to edit the read more text. The other one spit out too much information and it was not possible to remove the abundant click text. A little bump Now there was a little bump after installing this one. The read more text did not show. Oops! After changing the text to my local language in the sidebar menu, it showed. Pfff. Confusing shortcode [complain mode] the shortcode open and close tag is not logical. Best practice is to use the same term and add a slash to close. Like this [/complain mode] Now it is [read more] followed by [/read] and that confuses me. Perhaps there is a reason behind this. For me it is weird, suggesting there are other combinations possible. All working great That being said as constructive criticism. It is working as expected. 5/5. thanks.
ޑިސެމްބަރ 2, 2020
It worked in my previous project but not in my latest one. Not sure why but its unfortunate because when it does work its great. I went to the RMWR Settings and changed the colour and it started working. Not sure why but I am grateful, Thank you George
ނޮވެމްބަރ 23, 2020
As with many WP plugins, the instructions are very poor. I tried to figure it out, but couldn't get it to work. UPDATE: I still feel that the usage instructions could be better. My real problem is that the plugin didn't work as desired for me. I was unable to select the paragraphs I wanted to hide. Perhaps there is an anomaly in my site. I'm glad it works for most users. I'm moving on with other options.
އޮކްޓޯބަރ 5, 2020
Really did not expect it to work as well as it does!! What a great surprise!!
އޯގަސްޓް 13, 2020
It is an amazing little plugin that solves a big issue. I was so impressed that I made a donation. Keep up the good work. Minor suggestion: it wold be nice to be able to disable the "read less" command so that once "read more" was clicked, it could not be closed.
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